Our Everyday at the Pittsburgh Zoo with Marilyn, Chris, and Adelaide

Meet Marilyn, Chris & Adelaide, AKA the most adorable thing in the Pittsburgh Zoo during their Our Everyday photo shoot with Porter Loves Photography.

We love photographing families in the spring, but this shoot from a chilly day in March was just too cute not to share. Meet Marilyn, Chris, and Adelaide, AKA one of the most adorable things in the Pittsburgh Zoo during their Our Everyday photo shoot.

They chose the Pittsburgh Zoo for their Our Everyday session because it’s a regular family activity for them. It captures what they like to do together perfectly. They explore the zoo at all times of the year to learn about the different animals that come out during the different weather changes. Who knew? We certainly didn’t!

Even when the weather isn’t sunny and breezy, there are many things to see, like tigers, red pandas, and all of the animals that live in the climate controlled spaces, like the monkeys and fish. And of course, there’s always rocks to climb on and statues to hug.

What was especially fun for us to experience is how quickly Adelaide opened up to the camera.  Occasionally, it’ll take some time for kids her age to warm up and let their personality shine through. It isn’t unusual for us to just hang out and let kids adjust to a new person holding a box to their face watching them play. From the second we started shooting, though, Adelaide was full of energy and had no problem exploring the zoo with her mom and dad.

This family met us at the Pittsburgh Zoo for an Our Everyday photo session. When you choose Porter Loves for a family photo shoot, your family will pay one price for up to four hours of shooting fun times at whichever location is the most “you” for your family. Should there be an admission charge, like there was for this family, we’ll cover that cost. At the end of the day, you have a beautiful new memory as a family and a beautiful album full of photos from your Our Everyday shoot.