Scott + Rachel

Scott and Rachel were two of my favorite people in the whole world, until they had kids.  Now the parents have taken second place to Ryen and Callen, who are such awesome kids, I can hardly find words to describe them!  I love all of them, and enjoy spending time with them whenever I get a chance.  I have taken photos of Ryen since she was two days old, and now she is a smart, fun 7-year-old whose imagination is bigger than the sky.  Callen is already 2, which I can’t believe, because it seems like he was born just a week ago.  He is obsessed with hats and glasses, and I make it a point to wear a hat he can borrow every time I visit.  “Working” with them is always a pleasure, because I feel like part of the family.

Love Notes

Nathan has been our family photographer for more than ten years. Every photo shoot is fun, comfortable, and he is so open to our ideas as well as using his clever tricks to provide us with creative and original portraits every time! He takes the time for our children to feel at ease and is flexible and positive during our sessions. It is evident that he loves what he does, and it clearly comes through in the final product!