Your Wedding. Your Way. – Swissvale Wedding Photographers

Nathan and I have pretty strong feelings about what weddings are about and advocate heavily for couples to follow their hearts rather than stress about what other people want.

In a recent perusal through Pinterest, I came across this pretty great list. I’ve been working on writing my own thoughts down on the topic, but decided to share this instead because I consider it nearly perfect.

Now, the author is calling it a Bride’s Manifesto. I don’t particularly dig the word “manifesto” as it has very strict connotations and I’m very anti-rule when it comes to the suggestions here. I also bristle at solely referring to the bride since a wedding is, at it’s core, about the coming together of two people.

My only other issue with this list is that despite the fact that they are potentially overused these days, I can’t help the warm fuzzy feeling I get when I see mason jars incorporated into wedding decor- I just love them! But that brings me back to my point. Follow your heart and do what’s right for you. Think outside the mason jar or not- it’s up to you!

bride's manifesto shared by swissvale wedding photographer