Allegheny Commons

Allegheny Commons is Pittsburgh’s oldest park, founded in 1867 in what was then Allegheny City, so that residents could escape the sooty areas of the rest of Pittsburgh.  These days, it is a gorgeous park that surrounds Allegheny Center, the National Aviary, and the Children’s Museum.  Its prime location in the heart of the city, as well as the variety of locations within the park offer an excellent location for any kind of photography.  Whether you prefer the calming influence of trees and grass, or enjoy a good run with your children or dogs, or want to check out the ducks in the pond, this park has it all.  This is definitely one of my favorite places to shoot in town, not just because of what the park itself offers, but also its close proximity to many other beautiful views of Pittsburgh.  It is just a few blocks from the North Shore, which is the go-to place for stunning photos of the skyline, and includes PNC ParkHeinz Field, and the Carnegie Science Center.