The Professional Difference – Pittsburgh Wedding Photographers

There are a myriad of benefits to hiring a true professional to capture your wedding. Perhaps one of the most important and least showy is executing a proper contract and following through on it. It’s so important to sign a contract with a professional photographer. It’s also important to read that contract! (I sign things all the time without reading it and I need to follow my own advice.)

A friend with a nice camera may take nice photos but without a contract nothing stops them from backing out at the last minute (sadly, this happens more often than you think.) Perhaps more important than the legal obligation a contract provides, a true professional is in the business of capturing memories and making people happy. They don’t only care about the check you pay them – as professionals, they get to know you, your family and have a vested interest in your future happiness. The best, most experienced and professional wedding photographers truly love the couples they work with and making art out of their wedding memories.

That’s more than can be said for big package companies like David’s Bridal. News broke this weekend in the wedding industry that the bargain wedding gown shop is shuttering it’s photography offerings, partly due to its recent acquisition by yet another private equity firm.

Now, I’m no huge fan of companies that offer photography like this because they don’t do a great service to photographers or couples. Just a quick google search yields terrible reviews. So, in short, I’d be lying if I said wasn’t a little happy to hear this news.

What I am not happy about is that David’s Bridal Photography is backing out of contracts nationwide for weddings after October 12, 2013. What I am not happy about is that some couples contracted with them don’t even know this yet.

A small business owner, a true professional honors a contract no matter what. Leaving couples in the lurch mere months from their wedding date is not an option.

We will be honoring any DB pricing for jilted couples for wedding dates through the end of 2013, provided we have the date open. We love weddings and don’t believe wedding photography should be a source of stress.

If you or anyone you know is in this situation, please contact us. Even if we don’t have the date available, we’ll help find someone who is, because we are professionals.

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