Springtime family photos with Our Everyday sessions

Outdoor fun family portrait photoshoot in Pittsburgh

Photographing families is one of our favorite things to do. Our photography style allows you to make memories with your family instead of posing for the perfect shot.

We especially love to photograph families in the springtime. It’s like Mother Nature removed the crummy parts of summer in Pittsburgh for a few, gentle weeks. That means you get to take advantage of sunny, not sweltering, weather. Everyone’s hair will look pretty instead of poufy and you won’t have beads of sweat running down your face. Plus, the trees and flowers are starting to bloom again and the light could not be better.

pittsburgh documentary family photographer

This is a great time, age-wise, for your kids, too. Since kids never stop growing and changing, you can compare these photos to the ones from fall school photos to see how your kids have grown. We recommend having a box of tissues on hand for this part.

Finally, the city is coming alive again with so many great locations. It’s the ideal time to explore places like Frick Park, Phipp’s Conservatory, Randyland, a craft show or Neighborhood Flea (especially with food trucks and ice cream!), any of the places listed here, or suggest your own.

If it’s something your family likes to do together, you get to have those pictures forever. It’s like a slice of your life was captured without you having to worry about not being in the shot or taking a bad selfie.

We believe documenting family memories shouldn’t be stressful. They should be fun. That’s where Our Everyday sessions come in.

pittsburgh documentary family photographer

Your family will have a relaxed shoot doing what you love to do without the stress. Wear what you want, do what you want, and we’ll capture the spark your family has together.

Think about it: what’s your everyday life with your family like? It probably isn’t professionally posed nor is everyone walking around in matching outfits. And if you are walking around in matching outfits, what are the chances that no one has a spaghetti stain on their pants?

Of course, we want you to look and feel good when capturing family memories, but we don’t require, or even desire, perfection. We want you to have fun and enjoy the process instead of stressing about the perfect mood, outfit, and location. And that’s just the preparation.

When the day comes to take the actual photos, your photographer has you pose statically with little variation in movement. And then, the pose lasts for a second before someone scratches or sneezes and you have to settle everyone down and try again.

Our Everyday is a fun and playful session where the kids can be kids. Your family’s personality gets to shine through and the shoot itself is a fun, family memory! And because it’s a playful, fun day, we’ll capture your family doing something fun that you enjoy doing together, like going to the park or getting ice cream at your favorite neighborhood stand.

Our Everyday sessions include a beautiful album showcasing the best images of your family’s fun day; don’t worry about getting the perfect shot. Let’s talk about an Our Everyday session today before this perfect spring weather goes away!