Remove the Stress of Family Photography when We Come to You

Something we like to do a lot here at Porter Loves Photography is personalize your Our Everyday photoshoot experience to your family. While we have given you some suggestions of where to hold your shoot, we also love when you share your unique perspective and individualize your session to your tastes. One of our favorite things to do is in-home photoshoots. They’re the most memorable for a lot of our families because we’re able to come to you and give you special photos that reflect your space.

Our Everyday sessions in your home are comfortable for families because, again, you’re in your home. We’ve shared before how important it is for Nathan to take a little time to get kiddos familiar with the camera so the photos he takes are natural. It’s even easier when children don’t have too many unknown factors. It can be a lot for them to be in an unfamiliar place with an unfamiliar person doing an unfamiliar thing with an unfamiliar object. When we come to your home, one of those X factors is removed and children usually warm up very quickly. That was definitely evident with the Alexander family!

One of the biggest benefits aside from comfort that we love about coming to your home to photograph your family is the personality that we’re able to capture. You decorate your home in a particular way with certain objects on display. These are often items of great significance. Having them in the photos creates a great environment for meaningful, authentic family photos.

Another benefit to in-home photos is the inherent ease they give to the session. Did you realize you have a stain on your shirt or there’s a tear in someone’s pants? You can easily change! We also like to tell families to wear things that are comfortable and representative of who you are, but sometimes, you start out wearing an outfit that you think is right and turns out to be the opposite. Again, you can just pop into the other room to update what you’re wearing.

Further, we always caution families to be fed before the photo session starts and ensure snacks are on hand for the grumpies. When you take photos in your home, your kitchen is right there! Snacks all around, whenever you need and want them! Hell, your session could focus on making something together in the kitchen if that is what your family enjoys doing together.

When you do a “staycation” photoshoot and opt to have us come into your home for an Our Everyday session, you’ll gain ease and flow in your day with natural photos that remove any stress and unfamiliarity associated with going to an external location. You’ll also have one-of-a-kind photos that are completely representative of who you are as a family.