Marco, Jessica, Joe – Sewickley Family Photographer

child photography in pittsburgh

As is often the case when scheduling activities and events outside in Pittsburgh, I watched the radar like a hawk in the days and hours leading up to this family session. We ended up moving our start time up just a bit, which I realized was completely perfect when the sky opened up on my way home from the session. But more important than perfect weather is this beautiful family I got to spend the afternoon with. I mean, look at those eyes on Marco!
Admittedly, he wasn’t in the best mood for the whole session, but he’s two, so who can blame him? He was a ball of energy that wanted nothing but to run around and explore the woods. He was curious about everything, but his top curiosity was figuring out how many stones he could throw in the stream! It was a real delight to capture him taking in the world around him and interacting with his wonderful parents. I loved catching the smiles, the giggles, the escape attempts, and even the grouchy faces.