Magda, Henry, and Diane – Frick Park Family Photographer

I don’t think everyone can say that they are friends with the people they bought their house from. It’s such an unusual and often awkward process. But when we met Diane and Ed at the closing, they were immediately warm and friendly. And, it turned out we had mutual friends! Once they gave us the brief history of the house as they knew it, plus a run down of the neighbors, we were glad to learn they were only moving a couple of neighborhoods over. When we needed a family to come play with us in the park for our video shoot, we immediately thought of them. For the video, this shoot was ostensibly “fake” so it wasn’t a big deal that Ed couldn’t join us. But ultimately, if I have my camera in hand, I see no real point in pretending to take photos when I can just take photos. And as it turns out, I’m thrilled with some of the shots I captured of these energetic kids with their mom. I remember in the days leading up to the shoot that Diane said something like, “I can’t promise that they’ll stay still.” And I thought, “Awesome.” I love capturing kids being kids! When they showed up at the park, the kids bolted to the slide immediately, and I’m not ashamed to admit it was a challenge to keep up with them. We had a blast, and I’m looking forward to a fuller session with the whole family later this summer.