Mackenzie Rose – Pittsburgh Portrait Photographers

Prepare yourself for cuteness. There, I warned you, so you can’t complain when you squeal with delight and attract a large crowd around your computer when you see the portraits of this cutie…

Mackenzie Rose is now officially over 5 months old, but since we had originally planned on her being born so much later, these are her “official 3-month photos.” She is just growing too darn fast! And getting cuter each day!

Here she is snuggling with her Daddy, moments before the session officially began. I am so happy to have captured this adorable moment, which is one of my favorites from the whole day!

We look forward to seeing Mackenzie continue to grow and develop into the adorable, charming young lady we know she will be. In fact, we just learned recently that she is sitting up on her own. Way to go Mack!