Jon, Jamie, Abby + Ian – Allegheny Commons Park Family Portrait

I love working with families, especially when it doesn’t feel like work! Sometimes, yes, wrangling uncooperative children or dodging weather can be stressful, but that was not the case for this family portrait with Abby, Ian, and their awesome parents. I knew that thunderstorms would be rolling in during the afternoon, so we met in Allegheny Commons park in the morning, and what a beautiful day we had! Though Abby at times wanted to do her own thing, she is a wonderful little girl and ended up being quite cooperative, and helped out with her little brother Ian.

We had a great time in the park for this family portrait. It honestly felt more like just hanging out than work, which is exactly what we want for our clients. We want you to have fun and be yourself, and let us capture the wonderful moments that make your family’s day in the park special!

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