JFilm Festival – Event Photographer Recap

Event Photographer for JFilm Festival in Pittsburgh

There are some events that are Pittsburgh staples: pierogi races, RADical Days, Three Rivers Artsfest, anything with Rick Sebak in attendance. JFilm Festival is one such event.

This is an 11-day festival that presents international Jewish-themed films. These films aim to deepen audiences’ understanding of Jewish culture, tolerance, and our common humanity. While this is a film festival, there are many other events that occur and supplement the films during the length of the festival. Visiting filmmakers, guest speakers and collaborative events are part of the elements that make this a must-attend top festival in the country.

In fact, JFilm Festival is in its 24th year and it’s what you might say “on the map” as one of the top Jewish Film Festivals in the country. Gaining that recognition doesn’t happen overnight. It’s especially inspiring to look back at past events and see their progression.

Naturally, capturing these moments on film is important to the JFilm Festival organizers.

“As a presenter of film, I think it’s essential to capture what we do visually. There’s nothing better than a great photograph to bring back great memories of a successful event,” says Kathryn Spitz Cohan, Executive Director, Film Pittsburgh.

“We also use our event photographs to publicize everything we do. It is an integral part of our marketing strategy.”

We’re in our 8th year of shooting this event. Obviously, we came in when they already had steam, but they’ve only ever increased the amount of events and educational programming they provide to the community.

The creators of JFilm Festival do a fantastic job of selecting films that engage audiences and spark conversation. This year’s movies spanned many genres, from documentaries to comedies, to poignant tales. During our time shooting, we get to watch the films we cover and all of them this year were particularly thought-provoking.

Event Photographer Recap of JFilm Festival in Pittsburgh