How We Handle: Different Photography Styles

The great thing about photography is that it’s all so subjective. There is a photographer for every aesthetic and every style that you could possibly imagine. When it comes time to pick a photographer, there is someone who can take what you see and bring it to life via film.

Here at Porter Loves Photography, we specialize in capturing images of real people in spontaneous and sincere moments. We believe that the most poignant images come from organic and authentic interactions, whether that’s your family playing in a park, a birthday party turned family reunion, or attendees dancing at a backyard wedding.

We wholeheartedly embrace of-the-moment photos so you have memories of real interactions, not posed photos with props and color-coordinated outfits.

pittsburgh documentary family photographer

If you are into that, great! Like we said, photography styles vary person to person. What works for our clients may not work for our colleagues’ clients and vice versa. What matters is that you get photos you want.

The beautiful thing is that we can all play to our strengths so you get those amazing photos no matter your style preference or who you work with—so long as your vision and the photographer’s vision are complementary.

There’s nothing worse than eagerly waiting by your email for a message that your images are ready only to realize that they’re nowhere near what you’re expecting. We’ve gotten blanket emails looking for photographers for a wedding at St. Paul Cathedral in Oakland with a reception to follow at Soldiers & Sailors Hall. That’s awesome if that’s your chosen venue, but we are not your people. Our vision and yours will likely be so far off, they’re almost in different countries. Further, it will be a waste of your money and our time (#sorrynotsorry, there’s no sugar-coating that fact).

pittsburgh documentary family photographer

So what can you do if you don’t know what—or who—you’re looking for? The best thing is to do your research. Instagram acts like a portfolio for may photographers now. If you like the soft colors and romantic aesthetic of someone’s feed, you’ll likely enjoy the photos they take for you. On the flip side, if you like our vibrant colors and the impromptu shots you see in our feed, you’ll probably dig the photos you get from us.

As we’ve said before, we’re all about authentic moments. Instead of taking posed photos that are reminiscent of a studio-style of photography, we’d rather tag along with the fun you’re already having as a family on a visit to the Science Center, the splash park, or a family hike.

pittsburgh documentary family photographer

If you’re looking for something more polished in a studio environment with coordinated clothes and vintage props or a huge, traditional wedding where every detail has been planned just so, we have referrals for you! Luckily, we have an excellent community of photographer colleagues in the Greater Pittsburgh region specializing in just about every style there is.

Remember, every photographer has a different style.

We want everyone who hires us to have an excellent experience, but that only happens if we work with people for whom we are a good fit. We totally get that we’re not the photographer for everyone. When you invest in photos, one size does not fit all. It’s more important to us to give you want you want; we will tell you if the project doesn’t match our specialty. In the end, having amazing photos that you love is most important, no matter which pro took them.

pittsburgh documentary family photographer