Heather & Travis – Friendship Garfield Portrait Photographer

I love working with clients that make photographing them difficult. No really! Heather and Travis are so funny and full of life that I couldn’t help getting carried away with them and their energy, so it was sometimes difficult to take photos while laughing along with their goofy antics. It’s a good problem to have! They were the kind of couple that I could ask to do some crazy action to evoke a response, and they would take it to the next level and crack me up.

Heather grew up in the Pittsburgh area, and went to school here before working in North Carolina for a hot minute before boomeranging back to The Burgh for her master’s program. She is now a clinical social worker spending her days coaching young adults with autism spectrum disorders through a few different programs, namely her non profit, Evolve Coaching. She also volunteers at the Joey Travolta Film Camp in Pittsburgh, which is a camp for kids and young adults with ASD. “It’s amazing!”, says Heather.

Travis was first drawn to Pittsburgh after a friend suggested he move here. He is a glass maker and tinkerer who works at the Pittsburgh Glass Center as a Studio Technician. Travis also teaches glass classes in the fall and spring. He recently started a business continuing to make glass ducks, called Duck Duck Glass. His hobbies include working. When he has the extra time or deadlines he makes it to Tech Shop in order to make things like airplanes, mammoths, and dinosaurs. When he is not working on creative projects, Travis is usually working on the house.

Heather and Travis were brought together over karaoke at Nico’s Recovery Room, and continue their relationship with lots of laughs, remembering to stay grounded, and good communication. Also, Travis has agreed to put his belly button lint into the trash, which I am sure we can all agree is a great foundation to any long-term committment. They are both busy working on their house in the Garfield neighborhood of Pittsburgh, and share a dream of purchasing a second home to rent to young adults with autism spectrum disorders.

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