Have fun, not perfect, family photos

Family photos from Pittsburgh photographers

When it comes time to take family photos, do you get stuck in an analysis paralysis loop? Do questions like, “Will the kids be in a good mood,” “Will the weather behave,” “Is there time to coordinate outfits,” “Should I bring backup outfits,” and so on consume you to the extent that you stop yourself from even scheduling a photo shoot because aiming for perfection becomes too overwhelming? If this is you, that’s okay. We see so many families stress out unnecessarily and worry about getting everything perfect when it comes time to take family photos.

And we are here to tell you that we don’t want your pictures to be perfect. Yep, that’s right: we do not want you to be perfect in your family photos. Because, and correct us if we’re wrong, families aren’t perfect, so why do you feel like your photos have to be?

Instead, we want you to have fun and capture the reality of your family. Everyone doesn’t have to be smiling in every single photo you take. We can’t tell you how many times someone has said, “He looks like his dad when he’s upset, but me when he’s happy.” If you just have stiff, posed shots, you don’t get to explore the full expression of your children.

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll still get amazing shots from us. I mean, just look at this Our Everyday shoot we did at the Pittsburgh Zoo. Even the silly photos are adorable and highlight everyone’s personality. And that’s exactly what the family wanted; happy memories to reflect on and cherish for years to come. That’s exactly what we want you to have for your family, too.

It’s one of our core beliefs that stem from personal experience. Sam, one of the human halves of Porter Loves Photography, says, “The pictures I love from my childhood are the ones where someone caught me laughing with my sister, not where I’m sitting stiffly smiling directly to camera. Moreover, I’m wearing whatever 7 year old me felt like wearing and not something my mom forced on me.

“This is also true of the photos of my parents from their childhoods that I value most. The standard grip and grin or otherwise ‘perfect’ photo doesn’t carry a story with it.”

Who doesn’t want to leave a legacy that speaks to generations of your family to come?

We also believe it’s so important to take photos together that include the whole family. Even families with good cameras and talented photographers miss out on those memories because someone has to work the camera. Making it fun and easy for you and giving you photos that you couldn’t take yourself is what we’re all about. While an Our Everyday shoot with us may include a few posed family photos, for the most part, we explore the world with your family.

Bottom line: stop worrying about getting the perfect shot and instead focus on making memories that will be passed along and cherished by everyone.