Five Simple Steps to Have a Great Family Photo Shoot

The big day is finally here – you’re taking family photos with us! (May we say, congrats for crossing that off your to-do list!) You’ve been looking forward to this moment since you booked it. Except it just hit you: how do I prepare for our session?

Since a lot of families ask us what they should do to ensure they have the best experience during picture day, we came up with a list of our top five suggestions to make your photo session a success.

You know how the box of cereal has “Serving Suggestion” printed on it? Think of this as our serving suggestion. You’re welcome to pour the cereal in the bowl or add your own flair with some berries and juice. What we mean to say is: think of this as a jumping off point.

First and foremost: do what makes you and your family comfortable. That’s what Our Everyday photo sessions are all about. We want to capture your family in their truest, most authentic light.

Think about favorite things to do as a family. Is your family very active and love to play outside? Or do you prefer to cook up pizza every Saturday and allow the person with the best week to pick the toppings? Whatever your family is into, that’s what we want to be sure we document. Even though these are slightly more cold-weather centric, many of the places on this list are great for year round family fun.

Wear something comfortable. This is especially important if you’ll be running around at the park or exploring the Water Steps on the North Shore. Make sure that your clothes are easy for you to move in and make you feel relaxed, confident, and comfortable. Be sure your kids are also wearing an outfit they feel good in. If they’re wearing something scratchy and not enjoying it, you will be able to see it in their faces.

Keep your clothes and makeup simple. Nix anything with a small pattern. Tiny and/or very busy prints won’t show up on camera well. The same goes for super sparkly makeup. It will catch the light (and the camera) in a distracting way.

Don’t feel like you have to match. We’re all for coordinating what you’ll be wearing, but you don’t have to match perfectly. (Looking at you, 90s-era super-posed family photos with everyone in a blue polo shirt and khaki pants.) In fact, we don’t aim for perfection during these shoots. We would rather your family express who they are and make memories as a family instead of trying to negotiate the perfect outfit and perfect staged pose.

Be well-fed and well-rested. While this suggestion is mostly for smaller children, Mom and Dad should also heed this advice. Remember those candy bar commercials that use the slogan, “You’re not you when you’re hungry?” We want to capture your family, not a pack of bears! If possible, schedule your session after naptime or in the morning after a good night of sleep so everyone is in a good mood. It may be helpful to pack some granola bars, just in case.

No matter what your style is or how you like to interact as a family, remembering these suggestions as you prepare for your family photo shoot will ensure that you have a great experience and that we capture a fun memory for you and your family.