Our Everyday with Davon, Emily, and Maevaline – A Perfectly Imperfect Day

I got to spend a wonderful late-summer afternoon with a wonderful family in a recent Our Everyday photo shoot. Can’t you just feel the love radiating from Maevaline’s parents, Davon and Emily, toward their little girl?

It was so much fun to see Maevaline interacting with her surroundings. Being in that toddler stage, she’s still trying to figure out what her relationship is to things, both externally, like a dog, and internally, like her feelings. For example, she was very grumpy that she wasn’t allowed to run into a lake. It was one of those situations where you feel bad laughing because that will make the toddler-feels worse, but you want to laugh anyway. She was hell-bent on getting into that lake!

During this shoot, Maevaline was cutting a new tooth. See, we told you not to wait for the perfect time to take pictures or it’ll never happen (mostly because there is no such thing as perfect.) Tiredness and toothiness came to a head towards the end of the session. Maevaline’s feelings took over and a slightly-imperfect-yet-incredibly-adorable-and-worth-committing-to-film meltdown ensued. I really appreciated the opportunity to capture the full spectrum of emotions that can pass between a family at any given time. And as their photographer, I have to say that the photo of Maevaline crying her eyes out is not perfect, but it’s one of her dad’s favorite shots; I’m really happy I was there to give him that picture.

It may be one of my favorites, too! I don’t say that in a cruel way; I can see the beauty in reality and being genuine with your feelings, both good and bad. Children have a special gift of expressing exactly what they feel exactly when they feel it. I’m happy I was there to photograph this perfectly imperfect scene. That moment in time as a family is a gift I’m happy to give them.

Even though her parents later chose to be happy separately, Maevaline will have these pictures of her and her parents for years to come. She can look at them and remember the unicorn outfit she loved wearing and the time her parents wouldn’t let her play in the lake. And she can see the love her parents rain down on her no matter what.