Capture Precious Family Moments when you Hire a Photographer

Event photography is more than just shooting weddings, though we love off-beat celebrations of love. Not many people think of the importance of event photography for your family gatherings until it’s too late. Hiring a photographer ensures that it’s one less thing you have to worry about when you’re putting together an event, whether it’s a milestone birthday or a family celebration. It also ensures you have incredible shots to remember for years to come.

At family events, you’re too busy running around and making a great party happen while keeping Aunt Shirley away from the Schnapps and trying to have meaningful conversations with everyone. There’s little time for taking photos, especially ones that capture the spirit of the event and everyone having fun, you included!

Many times, you don’t think to hire a professional photographer for family gatherings, especially if it’s just a casual backyard party. But with everything else you’re trying to do, it would be a shame to let all that planning slip by without so much as a cell-phone-shot of candles being blown out.

Think about it: you carefully selected the theme, picked out a menu, and worried about the weather all week. For all your effort, there should be beautiful photos of the festivities to remember it by. And you should be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor in the moment!

We especially enjoy being a part of kids’ birthday parties. Goofing around and acting silly is our favorite thing to do (especially smiling. Smiling’s our favorite) and kids seem to dig it as well. Nathan is really engaging and after kids warm up to him, he’s able to see and shoot some very special moments.

We’ve also had a lot of fun at older kids’ birthday parties. Uncle Joe turned 80 and, while it wasn’t as acceptable for him to play with his cake, the pictures still turned out just as memorable as they did 79 years ago.

A family event many people don’t think about hiring a photographer for is a rehearsal dinner. Sure, the wedding is the big event and everyone includes a photographer in the wedding day itself. The dinner is an important part of the wedding weekend and tradition of marriage. The wedding party is gathered and enjoying themselves. The bride and groom can spend more time with the people closest to them. And everyone is looking forward to the next day. Having someone photograph that excitement and anticipation of the day before is just as important.

When we photographed Beth and James’s rehearsal dinner, we could feel the anticipation in the air. Maybe it was the humidity… No, it was definitely excitement.

Another family milestone that many are a part of but that doesn’t get the attention it deserves is a family reunion. Like a rehearsal dinner, family is gathered and enjoying themselves. And, not to be dark here, there’s always a matriarch or patriarch approaching their golden days. Having photographs of this time with all the generations together is an important part of your family legacy. Personally, there are times like this that I would love to have on film.

These kind words prove how important it is for someone else to be a fly on the wall and capture these fleeting moments:

Wanted to take a quick minute to thank you again for coming and photographing at our party. Everyone said that it was a good idea to have a photographer there because we were all so caught up in talking and such that we never snapped a single picture ourselves. Thanks again!

Inviting someone in to take photographs of your family is an investment in your time and your family history. As the host or hostess of an event, it’s one less thing you have to worry about so you can enjoy yourself with the people you love the most.