Callen and Ryen – Pittsburgh Photographer – Ambridge Gazebo Park

Look at these two cutes!  It seems like such a short time ago that Ryen was an only child, and always the center of attention.  I’ve watched Ryen grow up over the past 7 years, and her little brother, Callen, for the past 2.  Now she is sharing the action with Callen, and helping out during photo sessions, too.  Callen is *obsessed* with hats and sunglasses, so I lent him my hat for part of the time, which he loved (Go Buccos!).  He was also obsessed with pointing out airplanes flying overhead, trucks passing by, and various little critters on the ground.  He wasn’t as over the moon about picture time as was his sister, but we all had lots of fun.  Time after time, I always enjoy working with these kids, because they are such naturals in front of the camera!

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