Holocaust by Bullets Luncheon – Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh Event Photographer

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Holocaust Center of Pittsburgh is a program of The Jewish Federation of Pittsburgh. It’s mission is to inspire engagement with Holocaust history and connect it to today. They are committed to educating about the Holocaust, commemorating those who suffered and triumphed, and documenting the stories of survivors, liberators, and protectors.
They contacted us in the Fall when they were mounting an exhibition called Holocaust by Bullets. They had committed to taking more photographs at events where survivors in the community would be present and this luncheon with a book signing and guest speaker was one of those times.
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Our Everyday – Pittsburgh Fun Family Photography

Fun family photography in Pittsburgh

In late January, we fired off a newsletter titled “It’s never too cold for family fun.” We poked fun at ourselves for launching a new family photography session called Our Everyday late last year, focusing on family portraits in fun outdoor locations right as winter settled.

“But then our amazing community of friends with kids opened our eyes to all the exciting opportunities for winter family fun in Pittsburgh:

  • Children’s Museum
  • Games N’At
  • Indoor Trampoline Parks
  • Carnegie Museums
  • Science Center
  • Phipps
  • Pittsburgh Glass Center
  • Arsenal Lanes
  • Ice Skating
  • Plus, we learned that the zoo is fun all year round- a revelation for us indeed.”

We even went on to talk about the excitement of scheduling snow photoshoot sessions!

And then things got funny again because, during the month since that newsletter went out, we’ve had what? – Three? – Cold days. As I write this now, the sun is streaming in through my office window, and I can hear birds chirping.

Now, we know Pittsburgh well enough to know that winter isn’t over. But while we navigate back and forth through these seasonal and not so seasonal temperatures, let’s plan some family fun!  The above list still works great for when it’s cold or rainy. But with these sunny February days in the forecast for the week ahead and as we look forward to real Spring, consider also:

Sunny Winter Day Photoshoot Locations in Pittsburgh

  • Blue Slide Playground at Frick Park
  • an ice cream shop like Millie’s or Page Dairy Mart
  • your backyard
  • Highland Park Fountain
  • a family hike
  • a family bike ride
  • the riverwalk downtown
  • your favorite park

Our Everyday is a fun and playful photo session where the kids can be kids. We understand that scheduling family portraits can sometimes be stressful as you work to negotiate the perfect outfit and mood for the day. But we don’t require, nor desire perfect. In this session, we’ll go to the zoo, the park, or an ice cream stand where your family can have fun and pretend we’re not even there. Our Everyday sessions include a beautiful album showcasing the best images of your family’s fun day.

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Examples from Our Everyday Family Photography Sessions around Pittsburgh

Spreading the Love – Porter Loves Photography

pittsburgh documentary family photographer

Valentine’s Day isn’t the be all and end all of expressing love, but because we typically publish new posts on Tuesdays and that fateful day is a Tuesday as well, we’re rolling with it. It should come as no surprise that we take love seriously- it’s part of our business name. We love each other, our dogs, our families, the amazing clients we get to work with, and the opportunities we have to give back to our community.

So today we’re sharing a compilation of some of our favorite photos that we think typify what love is all about!

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Get Your Professional Headshot at Whetstone Workgroup

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A headshot is something you never think you need until you needed it yesterday. In almost every professional field, a quality professional headshot is a useful tool to have in your arsenal. Whether it’s for your website, a conference where you’ll speak, or somewhere your work might be published, the need for that headshot always comes up sooner or later.

That’s why we’re partnering with Whetstone Workgroup to offer short, low-cost professional headshot sessions. Whetstone Workgroup offers a pay-what-you-can co-working space as well as numerous supportive trainings and services to help freelancers keep their skills sharp. While this focuses heavily on supporting freelancers, these headshot sessions are open to anyone.

February 28, 10am-4:30pm

Whetstone Workgroup
2310 Main Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15215

How much?
$75 includes a 20-minute session and digital delivery of finished photograph

Sign me up!
Sign up for your time slot with your name and email here. Payment will be collected on site when you arrive. Cash, check, or major credit card will be accepted.

Note: While some variation appears in the sample headshots shared below, the sessions at Whetstone will focus on more traditional, solid background shots. If you are looking for something that’s more unique (perhaps in your office or studio environment), please contact us to set up a custom session for you!