Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh + Shalom Pittsburgh – Apples + Honey Festival

The Jewish Federation of Greater Pittsburgh and Shalom Pittsburgh come together to put on a lovely festival each year called Apples + Honey to celebrate the onset of fall. Apple tasting with Giant Eagle is paired with candle making, snacks, crafts, honey tasting and apple sack races to create a truly fun and unique afternoon!

Callen – Ambridge Backyard 1 Year Portraits

I’ve been friends with Callen’s dad since high school so it has been so fun for me to watch his kids grow up and capture memories of them. First it was Callen’s big sister Ryen, and now him just a few days before he turns one year old! One of my favorite things about this shoot is the fact that these red overalls are actually the same overalls Callen’s mom wore in a photo at the same age AND she’s sticking out her tongue too!

Abby – Avonworth Community Park Easter Portrait

Little Abby is 6 months old, barely sitting up on her own, but FULL of personality already! Look at all those adorable and totally unprompted facial expressions. Newborns are great but it takes a different skill set to do that kind of photography- most of the time I like to leave that up to our friends who specialize in doing that work amazingly well.
But this age and up is where we really start to have fun! In just a few months, she’ll be motoring along and I’ll have to keep up with her and I can’t wait!