Beth + James – Pittsburgh Rehearsal Dinner Photographer

Beth and James had a beautiful wedding in early September. We were thrilled to capture the gathering of family and friends the night before at the rehearsal dinner complete with delicious Italian spread! Beth and James are two people who clearly love each other. The anticipation and excitement was palpable. Despite the unseasonably warm and humid air, this event was a joy to be a part of. The natural smiles, laughter, and love throughout the room made it so easy to capture the essence of this couple on the day before their wedding.

Arts for Autism 2016 – East Liberty Event Photographer

The Arts for Autism event is held at the historic Kelly-Strayhorn Theater in East Liberty and features samplings of tasty food and beverages from local purveyors. Additionally, there is a fantastic silent auction full of art and fun prize baskets. My favorite part of the evening, though, is a variety of live performances interspersed with the videos the campers made at the previous year’s Joey Travolta Film Camp. It’s so fun to see the fun, smart, and engaging stories these young adults create in just one week’s time.
The Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh throws this event each year to raise money for that flagship program, Joey Travolta Film Camp. This is the second year I’ve photographed the event, and I hope to continue to do so in the coming years. I love the opportunity to support worthy causes in my community, particularly when they utilize the arts to improve the lives of others.

Marco, Jessica, Joe – Sewickley Family Photographer

child photography in pittsburgh

As is often the case when scheduling activities and events outside in Pittsburgh, I watched the radar like a hawk in the days and hours leading up to this family session. We ended up moving our start time up just a bit, which I realized was completely perfect when the sky opened up on my way home from the session. But more important than perfect weather is this beautiful family I got to spend the afternoon with. I mean, look at those eyes on Marco!
Admittedly, he wasn’t in the best mood for the whole session, but he’s two, so who can blame him? He was a ball of energy that wanted nothing but to run around and explore the woods. He was curious about everything, but his top curiosity was figuring out how many stones he could throw in the stream! It was a real delight to capture him taking in the world around him and interacting with his wonderful parents. I loved catching the smiles, the giggles, the escape attempts, and even the grouchy faces.

Web Design Day 2016 – North Side Event Photographer

Web Design Day is a totally unique conference for web professionals that I’ve had the distinct pleasure of photographing for a few years now. The first day is comprised of two super focused workshops and the second is jam packed with amazing speakers. Now, I’ll admit, as I am not a web design professional, some of what gets talked about at this event goes right over my head. But only some! I always learn something. I come home to Sam and start conversations about interesting things I heard while capturing photos of the goings on. And as someone who does spend a fair amount of time on the internet, I love that Web Design Day “is designed to inspire the wonderful community of folks from Pittsburgh and beyond who work to make the web a better place.”