Arts for Autism Fundraiser Recap

When we aren’t photographing families, we like to spend our time at events and fundraisers in the city. Providing photography services for events that are near and dear to us is one of our favorite ways to support local missions. We have photographed the Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh’s annual fundraiser for the past four or five years and were thrilled to be chosen as their photographers again this year.

The Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh encourages the creative expression of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities through inclusive arts programming.

The Evening of Arts for Autism fundraiser, held at The BrewHouse Association, is their primary fundraising event for the Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh. It raises funds to support the Joey Travolta Film Camp. This camp is a multi-week camp for teens and young adults with autism. It addresses social, communication, executive function, transition, and vocational goals as defined by each student’s IEP or OVR.

Campers are able to work with professionals and learn about filmmaking from all angles. They’re immersed in the experience of filmmaking with the ultimate goal of writing, producing, and acting in their own films. And when we say immersed, we mean it. They’re involved in the entire process, from story-boarding to editing.

At least a few grads of the Joey Travolta Film Camp have been asked to work on outside projects because of the promise they’ve shown!

Carolyn Hare of the Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh Board of Directors echos what many have said about having professional photographer at their events:

“We can spend our time engaging with our guests, without worrying about the quality of the photos we will have to share. Time after time, Porter Loves provides us with an exceptional portfolio of photos.”

The photos are then used in a few ways. Of course, in their promotional materials and also, as Carolyn said, “as part of a perfectly unique ‘thank you’ for our guests.” It’s so nice to be able to provide photos that do more than just promote the event for next year, which, yes, is important.  Getting creative and using the photos as a thank you for attendees makes their time there more memorable for those in attendance.

We think it’s important to work with people you enjoy working with, another value that’s reflected by Carolyn, who co-founded The Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh. Part of what makes for a good photo shoot is having a solid rapport with the folks around you. Carolyn notes, “Their staff are prompt, professional and fun to be around.”

When we can, we also like to support the organization by giving a photography experience to an attendee. You know raffles are always a popular part of the fundraiser event experience! We always donate a gift certificate to the Evening of Arts for Autism’s silent auction.

The family who won is just amazing and we had such a fun time helping their family make memories by capturing their everyday life of love and joy. Keep an eye out for us to share those fun family photos here and on Instagram!

Providing professional event photography contributes immensely to the event itself. You can focus on other matters so it’s memorable for your attendees while still having high-quality pictures that represent the event.

Supporting the Arts for Autism Foundation of Pittsburgh with event photography is something that we absolutely love doing. We’re thrilled to provide photography services for their Evening of Arts for Autism fundraiser.