Alexander – Family Portrait – Regent Square Photographer

It doesn’t get much cuter than Alexander, and his loving parents, Deb and Devo!  Though Alexander was at first wary of who I was, and why I was carrying a big bag of camera gear, we quickly bonded over our mutual love of trucks and music.  It might not be my favorite song, but “What Did the Fox Say?” really got him moving, and dancing along with him was a great icebreaker.  After a short time, he got a little more chatty, and although I wasn’t able to understand specific words, I got the gist of what he was trying to tell me.  I recognize that it can be frustrating for kids to be at that age where they want to express their ideas and observations, but are not yet able to articulate themselves.  I make the extra effort to listen carefully, even if I have no hope of understanding, because all kids deserve that attention.  Alexander saw that I was listening to him directly, and it gave him the confidence to be himself around a complete stranger.  It’s that confidence that results in some awesome photos that I know Deb and Devo will treasure forever.  Alexander is such a sweet, creative boy, with amazing parents who nurture his natural curiosity and talents.  I had a wonderful time hanging out with this adorable family!

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